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The Fondation ARC


The Fondation ARC, recognized as an organization of public utility, is 100% dedicated to cancer research. Each year, more than 25 million euros are allocated to research projects that bring hope to patients.

The Fondation ARC identifies, selects, funds and implements promising research programs in all fields of oncology (genetics, immunology, cell biology and metabolism, pharmacology, etc.), promoting multidisciplinary approaches: basic, translational and clinical research, epidemiology, human and social sciences.

These research programs aim to generate new knowledge, develop new concepts and propose new therapeutic solutions for adult and children patients. The Fondation ARC also acts to structure and foster the cancer research ecosystem.

The fight against cancer also requires high-quality information. The Fondation ARC provides the general public and healthcare professionals with tools to improve prevention, medical care and the understanding of the disease.

Guided by public interest and scientific excellence, entirely funded by its donors and testators generosity, the Fondation ARC is a catalyst for research; gathering stakeholders in the fight against cancer and directing research to speed up the development of effective applications for patients.

The Fondation ARC has been accredited by the “Don en confiance” control agency since 1999.

For more information, visit www.fondation-arc.org

The Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award

Created in 1970, the Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award is the most important prize in the field of cancer research in Europe. With a total value of €300,000, it rewards every year internationally renowned researchers whose work has led to a major breakthrough in cancer research.

The Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award results from a bequest: Léopold and Alice Griffuel, determined to get involved in the fight against cancer, wished to reward the best cancer researchers with a prize endowed thanks to the incomes of two Parisian buildings they owned before passing them on to the association, now become a foundation.

The Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award is accorded after an independent evaluation by an international scientific committee and a validation by the Board of Directors of the ARC Foundation for Cancer Research. Since 2015, it has been divided into two categories: the Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award for Basic Research (€150,000) and the Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award for Translational and Clinical Research (€150,000).

Since its creation, 51 researchers from 11 different countries and from the most prestigious international research institutions have received the awards.

The Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award Laureates

Rang Laureate Institute Country
46th Prof. Peter Carmeliet (Basic Reseach Award) VIB-KC Leuven Belgium
Prof. Martine Piccart (Translational and Clinical Research Award)
Prof. Caroline Robert (Translational and Clinical Research Award)
Jules Bordet Institute – Brussels

Gustave Roussy – Villejuif



45th Prof. Riccardo Dalla-Favera (Basic Reseach Award) University of Columbia – New York USA
Prof. Richard Marais (Translational and Clinical Research Award) Cancer Research UK – Manchester Institute UK
44th Dr Olivier Delattre (Basic Reseach Award) Curie Institute – Paris France
Prof. Michel Attal (Translational and Clinical Research Award) IUCT Oncopole – Toulouse France
43rd Dr Yosef Yarden (Basic Reseach Award) Weizmann Institute – Rehovot Israel
Prof. Brunangelo Falini (Translational and Clinical Research Award) University of Perugia Italy
42nd Prof. Jiri Lukas Novo Nordisk Foundation – Center for Protein Research – Copenhagen Denmark
41st Prof. Guido Kroemer Gustave Roussy Institute – Villejuif France
40th Prof. Hans Clevers Hubrecht Institute – Utrecht The Netherlands
39th Prof. Hugues de Thé Saint Louis Hospital – Paris France
38th Prof. Anne Dejean-Assémat Pasteur Institute – Paris France
37th Prof. Carlo Croce The Ohio State College of Medicine – Colombus USA
36th Dr Sebastian Amigorena Curie Institute – Paris France
35th Prof. Alexander Varshavsky California Institute of Technology – Pasadena USA
34th Dr Anita Roberts National Cancer Institute USA
33rd Prof. Kari Alitalo Helsinki University Finland
32nd Dr Jacques Pouysségur The Centre Antoine Lacassagne – Nice France
31st Prof. Leeland Hartwell Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle USA
30th Prof. Thierry Boon-Falleur Ludwig Institute Belgium
29th Prof. Miroslav Radman Jacques Monod Institute France
28th Prof. Gérard Orth Pasteur Institute – Paris France
27th Prof. Pierre May Cancer Research Institute – Villejuif France
26th Prof. Pierre Potier Natural Product Chemistry Institute France
25th Prof. Georges Mathé Paul Brousse Hospital – Villejuif France
24th Prof. Samuel Broder National Cancer Institute USA
23rd Prof. Jérôme Lejeune Jérôme Lejeune Institute
(previously Progenesis Institute) – Paris
22nd Prof. Umberto Veronesi National Cancer Institute of Milan Italy
21st Prof. François Cuzin Nice University France
20th Prof. C. Everett Koop Surgeon General (1981 – 1989) USA
19th Prof. Steven A. Rosenberg National Cancer Institute
18th Prof. Pierre Chambon Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology France
17th Prof. M. Antony Epstein Oxford University UK
16th Prof. Jean-Bernard Le Pecq Gustave Roussy Institute – Villejuif France
15th Prof. Michael Feldman Weizman Institute – Rehovot Israel
14th Prof. Robert Gallo National Institutes of Health – National Cancer Institute – Bethesda UK
13th Prof. Dominique Stehelin Pasteur Institute – Lille France
12th Prof. Hamao Umezawa Institute of Microbial Chemistry – Tokyo Japan
11th Prof. Vincent De Vita National Cancer Institute – Bethesda USA
10th Prof. Charlotte Friend Mount Sinaï Hospital USA
9th Prof. Elisabeth Miller MC Ardle Laboratory for Cancer Research – University of Wisconsin USA
8th Dr Raymond Latarjet Curie Institute (previously Radium Institute) – Paris France
7th Prof. Ludwig Gross Veterans Administration Hospital
New York
6th Prof. Henry Kaplan University of Stanford USA
5th Sir Richard Doll University of Oxford UK
4th Prof. Georges Klein Karolinska Institute – Stockholm Sweden
3rd Dr Howard M. Temin MC Ardle Laboratory for Cancer Research – University of Wisconsin USA
2nd Dr Georges Barski Gustave Roussy Institute – Villejuif France
1st Prof. Joseph Burchenal Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – New York USA